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What Have We Learnt From 2016?

  • 2016 has been a strangely divisive year, with some people saying it was great and others wishing for an apocalypse to eradicate humanity.

  • A lot has happened that splits the public opinion in two.

  • What do you think to the following six big moments of 2016?

1. The Dab


From NFL quarterback Cam Newton celebrating his touchdown, to entire YouTube tutorial videos dedicated to perfecting the dab – this move has taken over the planet.

To some, it’s a funny new way to brag about achievements. To others, it’s an idiotic arm gesture – and anyone who does it should dab their way back into the sea.

2. Good At Sport, But Still Rubbish At Football


We have a pretty great team for Olympic sports, but when it comes to football… That’s debatable.

Yes, after receiving the marching orders from losing to Iceland, our spirits were dampened by a rather disappointing outing by our football team. However, we have A LOT to be proud of our Olympic and Paralympic teams!

Have YOUR say in the comments!


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