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IIFYM What Is It?

Written by Dan Raynor

IF It Fits Your Macro's

‘If it fits your macros’ has been around longer than people may think.

Although we see it in the modern day across social media, it has always been floating about; it just had a different name. Flexible dieting.

A few years back, this way of eating just wasn't popular with fitness fanatics and fitness professionals. This is down to the fact that we were led to believe a life of ‘clean eating’.

Pictures and gym memes saying eat clean, train dirty. Or hashtag after hashtag stating #cleaneating.

Don't get me wrong, even I believed and was taken on board by this ‘must eat only bro foods’ or #cleanliving approach, but…

Dan Rayner
Dan Rayner is the Pure Elite Beach Body Pro World Champion, International Male Model Pro World Champion, part time model and fitness blogger, who is based
in Herne Bay, Kent.

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