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What would a nutritionist eat at a BBQ

what to eat at BBQ

It looks like the good old classic 'British summer' is coming to an end. However, the 28th of this month will be Bank holiday Monday. Maybe time for a family gathering? A little day trip away? Or just an excuse to break out the BBQ stand? After all, we all love the smell of that grill, and if the slightest bit of sun shine breaks out, we're all looking to light one! So perhaps you've been invited to a relative’s BBQ? You might be holding a family reunion? Or you're just simply fed up with boiled chicken breast and would rather that BBQ feeling. You might decide to blow out, enjoy yourself, utilise your cheat meal to the max! However, if you want to remain on track with your diet and healthy eating regime, here's a few little ideas and pointers from myself....

Create Your Own

Rather than buying your typical foods such as burgers and coleslaw, why don’t you create your own? By hand making your own burgers from a good 5% lean mince you could be saving on huge amounts of calories and saturated fats. Add in some onions and spices to the mix and you’ve made a burger that’s healthy yet also tasty and enjoyable! Make your own coleslaw from scratch using your own lower calorie and sugar dressings. Again, saving you on huge amounts of unnecessary sugars and saturated fats. Season and marinate the meats yourself rather than buying pre-marinated meats to save on added salts. Cut off all visible fats before grilling. Put together your own salads rather than purchasing a high sodium ready-made box. Simple things like this can save you on tons of calories, sugars, salts and saturated fats.

A Huge Protein Dose

Surely BBQ food is fine? It's all protein, right? Well, yes and no. If you want to remain on track with your schedule, be aware about the amount of protein you could be consuming. One burger, one sausage, a kebab stick and a chicken breast. From that alone you're probably looking at well over 100 grams of protein. Add in the other foods that have protein present in them and your protein intake for the day could be hit in just one meal! I'm just saying be aware about your other protein sources throughout the day if you’re looking to stick to your current nutrition and protein goals.

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