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What’s Worse: Going To Bed Hungry Or Snacking Late At Night?

So, you’ve made it through the day sticking to your diet like the pages of your favourite mag from when you were 14, and you’re feeling pretty good.

But as your bed time approaches a familiar pang begins to unfurl in the pit of your stomach. You glance at the clock to discover it’s 9.30pm and there’s only 30 minutes of Game of Thrones left, but what an intense 30 minutes that’s going to be.

Then, the craving for cookies, chocolate, toast, all the remaining food left in your kitchen smashes into you like a 10 tonne elephant leaving you with two options: 1, man up and wait until morning, or 2, indulge just a little.

We’ve all been there, but is there a right or wrong answer in this scenario?

Well, according to the science, the answer isn’t so black and white – typical!

Research has shown that for the best sleep you really shouldn’t go to bed too full or too hungry – helpful (psych), but it actually makes perfect sense…

Falling asleep when your tummy is grumbling in hunger can make the whole thing a lot more difficult and somewhat painful.

Your tummy aches with hunger and your mind races with questions like, “why can’t I sleep?” “Why am I so hungry?” “Are those leftovers ok in the fridge by themselves or should I keep them company?”

On the other hand, eating too late will create chaos in your bod.

Eating right before you hit the hay, you see, can cause poor digestion, bloating and keep you pretty wired when you’re trying to sleep leading to decreased energy levels and increased fatigue.

What’s more, all this rubbish sleep can eventually lead to weight gain particularly if you crave empty calories or excess calories at night.

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