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What’s On YOUR Fitness Bucket List? Things You Should Do Before You DIE

  • What is on YOUR list of ultimate fitness goals?
  • We asked our fans to tweet their bucket list of things to do before they DIE
  • Here are our favourites, along with some of the most popular fitness goals on Twitter
  • Let us know what is on YOUR fitness bucket list by posting on our Facebook or Twitter!

We all love a good bucket list“ whether it’s places to travel or goals to achieve. But without a doubt, the most popular goals to do before you die are always fitness related.

One person here at Muscle Food HQ wants to take part in a muscle physique competition, whereas our nerdier staff member (me) wants to travel and catch ‘em all in Pokemon GO.

So we put the question to our fan base - what is on your fitness bucket list? Here are some of our favourite answers:

Hats off to Tony the Tiger - he has a mission that many of us in his situation would have!

Justin from Dundee is currently going through an AMAZING transformation, looking to drop is moniker as a "professional third wheel."

We have an actress in our midst! Good luck with The Broken Dream and don't forget to share some pics on set.

Bucket list goals can be anything - big or small! Always take the small steps to achieve what you want.

I gave this one to our product development team. This could revolutionise the post-night out grub!

For some people, injuries become their bucket list fuel - inspiring them to make the change in their lives.

This guy, on the other hand, seems to have his entire life mapped out!

Good luck on Mont Ventoux Katie! Hope you achieve your "flex."

Some people are at the beginning of their fitness journey, just like Tobar. Good luck!

And finally, a goal a lot of us have all had in our lives at some point!

What’s on your fitness bucket list? Be sure to let us know on Facebook and Twitter, and let us know which one is the best from above!


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