Why musclefood

We’re a company passionate about sport and nutrition. Not only in terms of fitness, but also in helping athletes and the health-conscious reach and maintain their goals and ambitions.

We aim to provide you with the best lean meats and supplements on the market to enable you to get all the nutrients and protein you need to excel at a cost-effective price.

When you buy from us, you’re guaranteed top quality produce from a trusted and reputable company tailored to each individual's sporting needs and diet. So, if you’re looking to gain muscle, get stronger, lose fat or get faster, we have got all you need to maximise your performance.

Maximise your performance with musclefood

Our Unique Range Of Sports Nutrition Products


View our lean meat selectionResponsibly sourced, our bespoke and vast range of gourmet cuts and treat meats have no added water, salt or any other additives, so you can be assured to receive the biggest and best natural protein and nutritional hit in a tasty and convenient way.

From protein-rich lean steaks and steak mince to low fat, high protein chicken , turkey, and pork, you can be assured we’ve got something for everyone.


View our supplements selectionWe understand that athletes need the occasional boost depending on workout demands. To ensure you’re able to meet training targets we’ve sourced the best of the best supplements so you can perform at yours.

musclefood has an extensive range of protein powders, mass gain supplements, all-in-one's, weight controls and recovery supplements, produced by musclefood and selected partners. All our own branded supplements are British made and British formulated to the highest possible standards.

Unique services we provide

Recurring Orders

We understand the precise dietary balance athletes must achieve to perform at their best, and how critical it is to have the right foods at the right time. For this reason, we have made it possible for you to create a recurring order, specifying the exact delivery day, so you can be sure you receive your most important foods and supplements at the right time, every time.

With our user-friendly order system, you only ever have to enter your payment information once. Then just specify how often you want to receive your order, and on what day, and we do the rest. You will never be tied in to any contracts and can amend, pause or stop your order at any time 48 hours before it is due to be despatched.

Nutrition Calculator

Use our Nutrition calculatorDeveloping the perfect diet to suit your body and fitness goals is a precise art, with lots of nutritional properties and quantities to consider. That's why we have created a unique service on our website to help you quickly see the exact nutritional breakdown of your entire shopping basket.

Each of our major products has undergone a full nutritional analysis, allowing us to calculate the full profile of the products you buy, so you can tailor your order to ensure you get the perfect nutritional balance for your unique needs.