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Will Doing Cardio Ruin My Gains?

fit man

By Jamie Lloyd

Look. We all want to look good and feel healthy don’t we? Whilst some of us spend hours in the gym pumping weights whilst others are cardio monkeys and don’t really lift, the big question is will doing cardio ruin my gains?

The concerns about doing cardio playing havoc with strength and muscle growth are not new. Exercise junkies have studied doing aerobic and strength training at the same time, also known as “concurrent” training, for decades.

When too much aerobic work is added on top of a strength or hypertrophy (muscle growth) programme, there is indeed a detrimental effect.

If we do more than 30 minutes cardio, muscular power, strength and size can all be compromised.

But don’t forget doing cardio can promise many benefits and do good things for your body, such as stripping body fat, improve aerobic capacity, boosting metabolism and adding years onto your little ticker.

However, in order to maintain muscle mass during a hypertrophy phase we just have to get the right balance of cardio and think about doing quality not quantity.

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