Award-winning produce
Freshly prepared for you
Rated Great on Trustpilot
Next day delivery available
Award-winning produce
Freshly prepared for you
Rated Great on Trustpilot
Next day delivery available

Fitness Pro Rewards – Walking advert for your gym

The majority of your gym members will be trying to eat clean. The majority will fail. They find it difficult to stick to a boring, tasteless, usually high protein and rather expensive diet… and then they cancel their membership or stop coming.
Imagine if you could make it ridiculously easy for them to stick their diet?

It would be fair to assume that MORE of your customers will stick to their diets, MORE will achieve their fitness goals and every single one of them will be a walking talking advertisement for your gym.

From our Protein Bread (30g protein per 2 slices) to our super lean, no added salt or water, award winning meats and products – Muscle Food makes it easy for your gym members to achieve their goals. We freshly deliver direct to their door at prices and quality which beats the supermarkets.

Fitness Pro Rewards – Earn £10 per referral

The people in the know are already referring their clients to Muscle Food, in fact so many are already doing it, we thought we better setup some rewards!

  • Refer your clients to Muscle Food and earn £10.00 per new referral
  • Your gym members will receive a freebie of their choice, most choose 4 free chicken breasts!

You can spend your earnings on Muscle Food products or cash out*! The choice is yours.

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FREE Promotional Material

You will receive the following promotional pack, which includes everything you need to get started.

  • 2 x Muscle Food reversible posters
  • 20 x Four Free Chicken Breast referral cards
  • 20 x Free Loaf Of Protein Bread referral cards
  • 20 x Free Thai High Protein Ready Meal referral cards
  • 1 x Guide to your Fitness Pro account area

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FREE Printable Diet Plans & Workouts

Downloadable Recipe Cards

Print and leave on the notice board, or in a public place in the gym. Every print out automatically includes your unique Referral code.

  • Weekly diet plans based on calorie intake (1,500-3,000)
  • Weekly workout plans based on goals
    (weight loss/endurance/bulking)
  • Inspirational user case studies, diet plans, workouts and before and after photos
  • Recipes with full nutritional breakdown and easy to follow instructions
  • Common question articles (working out daily calorie intake/snack guides)

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Free Business Tools and Resources

Every FPR member gets free and exclusive access to a range of tools and resources that can help you to develop, manage and promote your business, these include;

Fitness Pro Business Resorces
  • Facebook and LinkedIn groups where fellow professionals can share tips, insights and expertise on health and fitness industry news and initiatives.
  • Exclusive offers and updates on industry events and news.
  • Access to health and fitness directories where you can list and promote your services.
  • Exclusive access to software and online services to help you develop and manage your business.

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FREE £10 Muscle Food Voucher

Tried Muscle Food? If not, you need to be confident in what you are recommending so we
have created a £10 voucher which is exclusive to you and available when you signup.

If you refer just one person, you will also get access to huge discounts on meats and
– exclusively available to Fitness Pro Rewards members.

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Next Steps…

Simply sign up to Fitness Pro Rewards by entering your details in the form below.

  • A unique referral code that tracks your sales
  • A unique hidden webpage which you can send your clients to
  • Downloadable workouts, diet plans and inspirational stories withyour referral code already embedded

And of course, once we verify you are in the fitness industry you will also get your £10 gift voucher
to use on your first order with us (so you can try before recommending!) and our extensive free
promotional pack.

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    Gym Owner
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