Zanna Van Dijk

22 year old half Dutch Zanna Van Dijk is originally from Yorkshire but now lives in London

Vital Statistics Current
Height: 6’2
Weight: 72kg

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Where she works as a personal trainer, nutrition consultant, blogger, vlogger, fitness model and social media fanatic. She is a sucker for all things health and fitness related and certainly practices what she preaches.

Despite being only 22, Zanna has managed to achieve what many could only dream of! These include being sponsored by the globally renowned sports nutrition company Optimum Nutrition, taking part in photo shoots with well respected photographers and writing articles for one of the biggest one stop shops in the bodybuilding industry

Having graduated from The University of Sheffield, Zanna is well on her way to becoming a fully-fledged nutritionist and her aim is to complete a masters degree in Nutrition. For Zanna, knowledge is power and with credentials like this we think she will soon be a powerhouse of information!

A big face in social media, Zanna is probably most well known for her delicious healthy recipes and great physique, which has brought her a large following and the envy of many fitness fanatics and foodies!

So how does Zanna stay in shape whilst creating all these delicious treats? We asked her to share her training and eating plan with us, as well as how she stays motivated, who her ultimate hero is and which Muscle Food products she just couldn't live without.

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I don't have a meal plan, I just eat intuitively. The only meal that is controlled is my post workout meal. It is always my biggest meal and heavy on the carbs. I love carbs!

Zanna Van Dijk The Interview

Tell us about your health & fitness journey so far

At school I wasn't even remotely interested in health and fitness. It was only once I got to university that the training bug got hold of me and ended up becoming a passion. I started to lift heavy and control my nutrition and the results made me stay on track, I never looked back!

Zanna Van Dijk Lifting

When you started training how long was it before you noticed a change in your physique?

I would say that I trained for about a year and saw minimal results, mainly because I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough in the gym and fuelling myself correctly. However, once I got to grips with nutrition and started to lift heavy, results came in a matter of months.

What advice would you give to those wanting to achieve their dream body?

Consistency is key. Results are slow, don't give up just because you haven't lost 5 pounds overnight. Sustainable change takes time.

What area of your body do you enjoy working out the most and why?

Glutes… Doesn't every girl love building a booty?!

What about cardio are you a fan?

I absolutely LOVE HIIT. Circuits and sprinting are my favourite forms of cardio. I don't do them too much, but when I do I get a huge buzz.

Do you listen to music at the gym? What's your favourite workout track/artist/album?

I listen to Eminem and Drake… It is so cliché but their music makes me want to train hard!

What motivates you when you don't want to train or when you want to eat rubbish?

Social media! I will browse through my instagram feed and see everyone else smashing it and it gives me inspiration to stay on track!

Do you have a favourite motivational quote?

Every pro was once an amateur. Every expert was once a beginner. So dream big and start now.

Some say health & fitness is all in the mind how true have you found this to be?

It is VERY true. Being healthy and fit is a massive test of willpower - it is not easy in today's society to make healthy choices. The odds are against you. You have to have amazing self-control and dedication.

What are your biggest achievements?

My biggest achievements are probably my A level results and my first class degree; but besides academics I am also proud of myself for walking in London Fashion Week and shooting for Nike - those were definitely "pinch me" moments.

Who is your all time hero?

My dad - as cheesy as it sounds. He built his way up from the bottom and he inspires me every day to work my socks off.

How important is a healthy, balanced diet?

It is essential. Training and nutrition go hand in hand. You need to fuel your body appropriately in order to be able to function adequately and train hard.

Do you use supplements? If so what do you use?

I am sponsored by Optimum Nutrition, so I use their supplements on a daily basis. I take the gold standard whey, the casein and the amino energy almost every single day!

Which three whole foods could you simply not live without and why?

Oats, sweet potato and coconut oil. Because they taste amazing and I use them every single day!

What's more important - hitting the gym or eating right?

You can't ask that question!! They are both super-duper important, but ultimately nutrition is key to overall health and wellbeing.

Are there any foods you would never put into your body?

I am not super strict with my diet, I take a very flexible approach so I would eat most things. However I do try to stay away from overly processed food, and I would NEVER eat those gross tins of sausages and meat… They gross me out!

Do you have cheat meals? What would you have?

I don't have designated cheat meals but I do have days where I go out and eat what I please. My favourite food is Mexican and I can never say no to a big juicy burrito followed by some churros! Yum!

Do you drink alcohol?

Not really, I haven't drank in 6 months. I am not tee total but I don't have it often.

What's your favourite Muscle Food product?

I love the huge selection of nut butters! If you follow me on social media you will know I am a nut butter lover and slather it on everything! Although my favourite way to eat it is out of the jar.

What is your next goal?

My current goals are all strength based. I want to deadlift 100kg for 8 reps, squat 100kg for 1 rep and do 10 unassisted pull ups.

And finally, if you could give one bit of advice to those just beginning to train - what would it be?

Enjoy the journey, training should be fun, don't make it a chore! Find a friend to train with and push each other. Also, don't get caught up in comparing yourself to others. Results take time, have patience.

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