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Our British turkey supplier is a British Turkey Awards 2013 winner.

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From protein packed Breads and Pastas to delicious Protein Crisps and even tasty Meaty Snack, our extensive snack range will be sure to help you stay on your fitness track.

Convenient, healthy, premium quality and easy on the pocket too, our great range our great range of high protein, low fat snacks means you can eat real food on the move.

The hardest part will be choosing which top quality snack to munch!

Protein Bread & Pasta
Missed bread and pasta? Well miss it no more because they’re finally back on the menu! These fantastic High Protein Breads a...
Protein Crisps
Think you can’t enjoy crisps? Well think again, because with our high protein, low carb, low fat Protein Crisps you can now mun...
Meaty Snacks
Our range of top quality meaty snacks are perfect if you need a quick protein fix post-workout or if you're trying to stave off hu...
Bars, Muffins & Cookies
Curb your cravings and build lean muscle with our top quality Protein Bars, High Protein Muffins and fantastic Flapjacks - the ide...
Walden Farms Sauces
Since 1972, Walden Farms’ has been developing healthy speciality foods to help people control their fat, calories, carbohydrates...
Protein Desserts
Whey Hey!! Love ice cream but hate the thought of all that fat? Well now you can enjoy a skinny ice cream or yoghurt treat withou...