British Red Tractor Assurance is available on selected products.

Our high welfare British Veal is RSPCA Assured.

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Exotic Meats

Our range of exotic meats are not only protein packed, but they’re delicious and crammed with lots of essential vitamins too.

What’s more, our outstanding exotic products are all “flash frozen” for guaranteed quality freshness and they are SALSA approved - a food safety certification scheme for manufactures, a highly recognised standard within the UK providing confidence to buyers that they are sourcing from a supplier who produces safe and legal food and committed to meeting the requirements of the SALSA standard.

All of our exotic meats are prepared completed separately from our other prime products to avoid any chance of cross contamination.

Great Tasting Meats=

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Venison Mince - 400g

From £4.50

2 x 113g Venison Minute Steaks

From £3.50

Exotic Meat Taster Selection

Just £14.00

Ostrich Burgers - 2 x 113g

From £2.50

2 x 110g Ostrich Fillet Steak

From £5.00

Lean Crocodile Burgers - 2 x 113g

From £3.75

Horse Striploin Fillet Steaks - 2 x 125g

From £5.25

2 x 125g Kangaroo Fillet Steaks

From £5.75

Fat Free Venison Burgers - 2 x 113g

From £3.00

2 x 170g Great British Venison Steaks

From £5.95

Prime Buffalo Meatballs - 12 x 20g

From £4.00

Lean Ostrich Steak Burgers - 113g

From £3.00

Extra Lean Kangaroo Steak Burgers

From £6.00

Lean Springbok Steak Burgers - 113g

From £4.00

Lean Horse Sausages - 360g

From £2.95

Free Range Ostrich Steak - 2 x 150g

From £4.00

Buffalo Sausages - 360g

From £3.49

Wild Venison Sausages - 400g

From £4.00

Frozen Tilapia Fillets - 1kg

From £7.00

Extra Lean 100% Horse Mince - 500g

From £4.50

Premium Horse Variety Selection

Just £19.00

Prime Horse Steak Burgers - 4 x 113g

From £4.00

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