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Our high welfare British Veal is RSPCA Assured.

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Cheat Day Meats

From our Great Taste Award Winning (2015) Cumberland Sausages, to our 100% Lean Steak Burgers - premium quality matters even on Cheat Days!

As a celebrated member of the Fine Food Guild we’re committed to providing our loyal customers with the very best and tastiest produce around.

So if you’re gonna' cheat, you might as well cheat with the finest “not so lean” meat goodies you can get your hands on…

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Maple Cured Bacon - 300g

From £4.00

2 x 5oz Melt in the Middle Steak Burgers

From £3.95

18 x Cumberland Sausages

From £9.00

Chipotle BBQ Pulled Pork - 380g

From £4.95

Virtually Fat Free Pork Chilli & Garlic Burgers

From £4.00

Fat Free Pork & Apple Burgers

From £4.00

Cumberland Chipolatas - 16 Sausages

Just £3.00

British Chicken Breast Sausages - 454g

From £3.70

Chicken Breast and Chilli Sausages

From £4.00

Turkey Breast Sausages - 454g

From £4.00

Low Fat Back Bacon Medallions - 350g

From £3.95

4 x 4oz Free Range Steak Burgers

From £4.00

12 x 4oz Free Range Steak Burgers

Just £11.00

Fat Free Venison Burgers - 2 x 4oz

From £3.00

Meaty Pork Sausages - 454g

From £2.50

Cumberland Sausages - 454g

From £2.50

Pork & Leek British Sausages - 454g

From £3.20

Unsmoked Rindless Bacon - 350g

From £3.50

Rindless Smoked Back Bacon - 350g

From £3.50

Unsmoked Rindless Bacon - 2.27kg

Just £17.00

Rindless Smoked Back Bacon - 2.27kg

Just £18.12

6oz Gammon Steaks

From £2.85

8oz Gammon Steaks

From £3.50

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