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5 Ways To Use Your Turkey Leftovers Page 2

2. Turkey burgers

Turkey Burger

Okay, I get it. You love leftover Turkey sandwiches too much for their ease-to-make and taste. Well, if you can last just a few minutes, you can have something WAY better!

  • Take a ball of Sausage Stuffing and mould it into a burger patty. Repeat for the amount of people eating a burger
  • Heat a lightly-oiled pan to a medium heat and fry the patties through until their crisp
  • Take a bread roll, pop the patty on it, add some sliced turkey, cranberry sauce and salad for the quickest burger ever

3. Mini Turkey & Cranberry pies

Turkey and Cranberry Pie

Who ate all the pies? We know you will after trying these mouth-watering Mini Turkey & Cranberry Pies!

  • Roll out some shortcrust pastry so it’s just thinner than a £1 coin
  • Cut out eight 10cm circles, followed by eight 9cm circles for the lids
  • Grab a muffin tin and pop the 10cm circles into the holes
  • Add turkey, some double cream and cranberry sauce to each one evenly
  • Season well and brush the edges with the liquid of a beaten egg
  • Pop the lid on top, pinch the sides to seal and brush the tops with egg
  • Pre-heat the oven to 200C/Fan 180C and bake for 25 minutes until the pastry is crisp and golden

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