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5 Olympic Diets That Will SHOCK You

  • To fuel their Olympic lifestyle, athletes eat A LOT.
  • They also have a wide variety of dietary requirements – from Vegan to McDonalds.
  • But what are the most shocking Olympic diets out there?
  • Flick through our top 5 and vote for your favourite at the end!
  • Tell us about anymore shocking athlete diets in the comments!

When it comes to Olympic Athletes, one of the most important elements to a medal-winning performance is the right diet.

Shocking Diet

Some of these diets are just as you expect – couple thousand calories of fresh, nutrient-dense food. But there are some really unexpected diets that will SHOCK you to know about!

Here are the five most shocking meal plans. Don’t forget to vote for the one you would LOVE to eat at the end.

1. Soup and Ice Cream Diet

Ice Cream

Boxer Nicola Adams has a rather interesting diet consisting of mostly soup and ice cream!

As reported by the Mirror, Nicola furnishes her days with a bowl of soup and a sweet serving of ice cream.

"I enjoy all kinds of soups really,” she said. “Tomato soup, chicken, chicken and vegetable to name a few.”

Even though she starts her day with a fibrous cereal, complimented by rice and veggies for lunch – for the required nutrients – she shows how go-to treats can still be enjoyed on a healthy eating plan!


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