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5 Tips To Help You Exercise In Hot Weather Like A Boss

  • With a heatwave rolling through Great Britain, exercise could be dangerous
  • Temperatures are expected to hit 32 C this week, leading to faster rates of dehydration and exhaustion
  • Prep is needed before smashing your exercise in the high heat
  • Do NOT pop outside for a run in the sun until you’ve read our ten tips
  • Share more of your tips in the comments!

Summer is hitting Britain hard with temperatures over 32 degrees Celsius expected over the next couple of weeks!

working out in the sun

And while it may seem like a good idea to go and do some outdoor exercise, you could be putting your fitness at risk without extra preparation.

Higher heat leads to greater dehydration and exhaustion – which makes it impossible to do your best.

So with that in mind, we’ve put together ten top tips to help you maintain peak performance in the high heat.

1. Dress for the occasion

working out in high temperatures

With darker colours being rather popular in terms of gym wear, these will cause problems when exposed to the sun.

Dark colours absorb heat, turning your clothing into the equivalent of a sauna as you work out – which leads to greater dehydration and exhaustion.

Simple tip here – wear brightly coloured, lightweight clothing. Apparel like this will allow your sweat to evaporate, helping you to stay cooler during your workout and avoid skin irritation.

Check the tag for words like “breathable” or “mesh” for the right choices. Also worth investing in a hat and some sun protection.

Tip for the ladies: if you’re running long-distance, wear your sports bra over a thin, moisture-wicking, seamless tank top. This will give you all the same support, but avoids any painful chaffing that could occur.

Share YOUR tips in the comments!


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