10 Tips For Buying Nutritious Food On A Budget

There are certain times of the month when your budget tends to become a little tighter, but that doesn’t mean you have to reach for cheaper, unhealthier grub. By following these top 10 tips, you’ll be eating like a king on pennies!

There was a time, not that long ago, mere days or weeks, when you could walk into a whole foods store and buy everything and anything you wanted without giving the cost a second thought.

But then life happened in between and you bought dinners out, paid a few bills, maybe had an emergency money drain on your finances and suddenly the fact your next pay check was still weeks away forced you to rethink your eating habits.

It’s crushing, but it happens to nearly every single gym fan we know because eating healthily is not cheap.

Yet, there is a way you can eat like a fitness foodie king or queen for the whole month, pay check to pay check. It is doable; you just have to shop smart…

bulk buy chicken

1. Bulk Buy

If you know you’re going to have to eat a lot of… oh we don’t know… let’s say… meat (!) don’t just buy 4 chicken breasts at a time. Instead, buy 5kg of chicken breasts at a time from us – Muscle Food – for just £25.

Although the expense may seem hefty at the time, when you break it down it works out at almost £1 per breast (you get 22-24 breasts) – that’s way cheaper than you’d find a supermarket and we don’t pump the meat up with salt and water… just sayin…

But it’s not just chicken we’re on about here, bulk buying all your meat will save you pounds in the long run especially if you pick up one of our incredible hampers.

locally bought

2. Eat For The Season - Locally

Yes, it may be convenient to buy all your food from a large chain store but you do know you’re paying above the odds for that privilege – right?

If you really want to lower the cost of your food bills, give your local green grocer a try and buy seasonal produce.

Not only will the food be cheaper, but it’s nearly always fresher and you’ll be supporting your local community too.

Avoid food waste

3. Use What’s In Your Fridge

Before you rush out to the shop just to pick up a few odds and ends, take a look in your fridge and see if there is anything you can make from what’s already there.

Only 4 eggs, a bag of almost past it spinach and mushrooms? Well that’s a spinach, mushroom frittata right there! And by raiding your spice cupboard we guarantee you’ll always be able to make something healthy and tasty.

Plus, you’ll avoid waste!

Shop online

4. Coupon It Up!

Whether you shop online or in store, there will be a coupon for everything. From money off codes to BOGOF offers or even the points on a store card, use these offers to your advantage and save a bundle.

flexible budget

5. Be Flexible

So you’ve been thinking about that incredible curry you were going to make when you get home after the gym, all you need to do is stop off and buy the essentials like all the ingredients on your way.

But then you see all your ingredients are not on offer, are out of season and super spendy. Well then, don’t make that curry for dinner!

Make something else that will fit your budget. It may be a pain in the neck, but being frugal and being flexible to adjust your meal plans will make a huge impact on your food bill.

Price Comparison

6. Compare Groceries

So… you’ve written a list and on it you have apples. Instead of reaching for the first bag that your hand lands on, take the time to compare it with the other bags full of juicy apples.

Sometimes you’ll find that conveniently bagged pack of 6 apples actually costs more than if you picked 6 loose.

Same goes for most fruit and veg, so take your time and pick smart – maybe bring a calculator along too (joke).

Freezing foods

7. Freeze, Freeze and Freeze Some More

We’ve all heard the saying “fresh is best,” but, to be quite honest, frozen is pretty awesome too.

Thanks to new technology, the food in the freezer aisles is all flash frozen meaning all those nutrients you find in fresh goods are locked in.

Just be careful not to overcook the veg etc., as that’s when you will decrease the nutritional value.

Cook in bulk

8. Cook In Bulk

By cooking in bulk you’ll not only be prepping like a boss, but you’ll be saving a bundle due to less food going to waste.

Once you’ve cooked to your hearts content, grab yourself some Tupperware and freeze portions so you always have healthy, hearty meals to hand.

cut your costs

9. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

You love asparagus – who doesn’t – but these little spears are often expensive, so why not cut your cost by buying some cabbage or broccoli alongside it.

That way you’ll be getting a full plate of nutritious greens without the expensive price tag. And don’t be afraid to try something new if it’s on offer, you might just find you like it!

Supplements or solid food

10. Don’t Forget About Your Supps

We get it, seriously we do – you love your protein shakes, bars and snacks – but they can put a massive dent in your shopping fund.

Remember, every pound you spend on supplements comes out of your whole food budget so make sure you factor these expenses in.

If you find you’re spending more on supps than real food, you may need to rethink your eating habits…



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