Jessica Pole's Goal Getter Transformation

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In 2021, Jessica joined us on a weight loss journey, using our MuscleFood Goal Getter meal plans.

After a long time of struggling with a healthy food balance, she decided to give Goal Getters a go. The difference in her body, mind and confidence levels is amazing! Read on to find out more about why she started, her goals and of course, her incredible results.

Before this plan I would literally eat chicken breast, broccoli and rice which no one ever wants to do.

The Motivations

When we first spoke to Jessica, she made it clear to us that having a healthy diet which she could eat with her children was important to her. She wants her children to understand the importance of a healthy, balanced diet.

At no point did I ever feel hungry and I never felt left out of family meals or takeaway nights as there are always plenty alternatives.

Jessica loves the simplicity and variety on the Goal Getters plans. She also loves that all the food is delivered fresh and efficiently with everything you need to keep you on track for the week.

When she started her Goal Getters journey, it was really important that she had easy access to healthy and nutritious meals as she is constantly on the go. That is the beauty of our plans, you get 3 meals a day which are tailored to your needs and so easy to prep or just pop into the microwave.

The Results

Jessica saw some great results and has a completely different outlook on health and fitness.

The plan worked well for me because it saved me valuable time that is like gold dust when you have 2 children under 7. Goal getters made sure my food wasn't boring, kept me fuelled for my intense workouts and it's super tasty.

It has been a pleasure to help Jessica on her journey to feeling, fitter, healthier and more confident in herself.

More about the Plans

The MuscleFood Goal Getters food plans include the Super Slimmer and the Lean Machine. Both plans are tailored to your goal and include an optional exercise programme that you can do at home or in the gym. The calorie balanced, high protein meals are delicious and delivered fresh to your doorstep each week. Meal options include tasty recipes kits, prepared microwave meals and healthy treats like pizzas, alongside a selection of snacks.

Created by MuscleFood chefs and in house experts, the Goal Getters plan has been crafted to make having a healthy diet an easy and sustainable lifestyle choice, with experts on hand to offer support and advice to the Goal Getters community through the active community Facebook page.

The Goal Getters programme isn’t like any of those fad diets you’ve tried before, just real people and real results. The reason it works is because it’s realistic and non-restrictive, meaning you can still enjoy a little bit of what you fancy to keep you on track whilst smashing your goals. So why not give it a go today? Click here to get started!