The Secret to Solving a Hangover

3 min read

So… It’s Saturday morning and you’ve just woken up with a fuzz on your tongue, a pounding in your head and a rolling stomach.

The smell of food makes you want to run to the bathroom and become best friends with your toilet bowl. The idea of opening your curtains to let the light in fills you with a dread only Dracula understands and all you want to do is sit in front of the TV, eat junk and wile away hours until bed time again.

No you haven’t been struck down with an unknown illness – you, my friend, have a hangover, and it is the pits!

So much for smashing that gym session this morning…

The thing is, you shouldn’t give up hope of hitting a few PRs in the weights section just yet, because there is a cure.

An affordable, delicious, refreshing cure that will make you feel like a new person in no time at all, maybe even in the 40 minutes it takes to stream an episode of your favourite show!

And the answer is… Coconut Water, just like Vita Cocoa Coconut Water!

That’s a myth – right?

Ok, yes, coconut water seems to have become the ultimate trendy water of the past few years, but the reason why it’s hanging around so much is because it actually works!

Drinks like Vita Cocoa Coconut Water harvest the water from young, green, tender coconuts, which is when their natural sugars are at their lowest and the anti-oxidant count is high.

The water also contains potassium and other essential electrolytes.

When all of that is put together you have yourself one incredible hangover cure in a bottle – or can as the case is with Vita Cocoa Coconut Water!

You see, packing your body with anti-oxidants is the trick in banishing your hangover from whence it came, as drinking alcohol causes oxidative stress on the body and actively consumes any anti-oxidants your body may have.

And considering anti-oxidants are responsible for preventing and repairing damage to your body, you need to get those levels back up fast if you are going to function like a human being the day after a heavy night.

The other thing you lose rapidly after a night on the town are electrolytes, specifically potassium, which are required to basically help your body function as it’s meant to.

From regulating your heartbeat to allowing your muscles to contract, electrolytes are vital for overall health. Throw them out of sync due to excessive alcohol consumption and you’re in for a world of hurt.

Ever wonder why “everything hurts” after too much? THIS is why!

The good news is coconut water like Vita Cocoa Coconut Water packed with potassiumand other electrolytes so you can replenish the lost electrolytes with just one bottle or can.

Finally, drinking coconut water the morning after a heavy one is super refreshing and thirst quenching, and, for some reason, easier to stomach than normal water…

Better yet, thanks to the massive popularity of coconut water these days, there is a huge variety of electrolyte packed waters available.

From the fizzy to the flavoured and even the classically still kind like Vita Cocoa Coconut Water, there is a hangover busting water out there to suit every taste bud or delicate stomach.

So next time you find yourself a little worse for wear, grab a coconut water and let it work its magic, then get to the gym and smash your session in style – fantastic!



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