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My Bro Years

Bro Myth #1

Gluten should be avoided, by everyone!

I think this must have come from the paleo crowd.

I was quite the paleo advocate back in the day and used to preach the whole, 'only eat what our ancestors would eat' deal.

I don't want to get into the paleo diet on the whole here, even though I could.

I'll just focus on the gluten free thing, seeing as though the term gluten free is becoming more and more widely used.

And, in some cases, incorrectly becoming synonymous with 'healthy'.

Obviously, if you have celiac disease it’s vital you avoid gluten and there's no getting around it.

Also, as I understand, some people do have genuine non-celiac gluten sensitivity, so these people would also be best avoiding, or at least limiting gluten consumption.

However, the people in the above groups are in the minority and most people do not need to avoid gluten containing foods like the plague.

A lot of people think they are sensitive to gluten, but actually aren’t.

Maybe they just want to be special.

Or maybe they just like over paying for ‘healthy’ gluten free muffins.

By avoiding gluten, you potentially cut out many foods that are beneficial to human health.

You also run the risk of running into difficulty when eating out at restaurants or at family gatherings etc.

Do you really want to be the guy who has to ask if every dish on the menu contains gluten or not, and if it has been prepared near gluten containing foods if you don't have to?

Maybe you do.

Maybe you would like the special attention… But in my opinion, creating unnecessary obstacles and complications around food will only hinder your health & weight loss goals in the long term.

Take home point - Gluten isn't the poison many would have you believe. There are certain people who'd do better avoiding it and some that absolutely must avoid it, but they're the minority rather than the majority. Don't make things harder for yourself than they need to be.

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