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Train more or eat less? Diet vs Exercise

Diet Vs. Exercise

When it comes to achieving the physique of your dreams, what's more important – diet or exercise? If you google this topic you will be faced with hundreds of results varying from articles, forums and various ‘expert’ white papers claiming they know the answer. So what makes us any different?

Well, we're not experts, but we've learnt from experience that striking the right balance between diet and exercise is a personal endeavour and many different approaches can be taken. The following points are widely considered a great place to start.

  • A great body is 80% diet, 20% exercise
  • You can't out-train poor diet and nutrition
  • Train to support your goals, eat to support your training

There's wiggle room and adaptation around these points, but ultimately if you are not eating to support your goals you are fighting a losing battle.

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