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How to live a happy life?

I felt lucky to be alive!

Not everyone gets to celebrate their 30th birthday, so I will feel very fortunate to be able to.

"Do not complain about growing old. It is a privilege denied to many." - Mark Twain

It's a shame that it takes something like this to happen to change your perspective in this way.

But if you can take anything positive from something as devastating as losing someone close to you, it's that it makes you appreciate things more than before, even the little things.

Make sure you take time to appreciate the little things in life, as you'll come to realise that they were actually the big things.

Whether it simply be a meal with the family on sunny Wednesday evening, or a simply sitting on the settee under a blanket watching TV with someone you enjoy spending time with.

They may seem relatively inconsequential things on the face of it, but take time to really appreciate them and realise just how lucky you are.

You never know what day will be your last.

While this might be a dark, sobering thought, it's can actually be a positive and uplifting one.

We're all guilty of taking things and people for granted.

We take for granted all the little things that make our lives as comfortable and happy as they are.

"When you’re talking to someone, listen to them very carefully as if that is the last time you’ll ever hear their voice again"

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