Workout with housework – how to burn extra calories while doing chores

Chores are boring - that much is certain! But what if you could use them to your workout advantage? Research shows that every housework task gets to work on different muscle groups, so that means a day of cleaning could provide the perfect training session…

Forget splashing cash on a gym membership, it turns out you could get trim and toned for the summer by staying at home. And if you follow our steps and tweak the way you do your chores into reps, you’ll burn a lot of calories!

Vacuum cleaning

Vacuum Cleaning

The carpet’s looking a bit dusty… The simple movement of fully extending your arm to push the vacuum and retracting for 30 minutes can burn a whopping 180 calories. Why not add some lunges into your vacuuming action for a higher intensity?

Cleaning windows

Cleaning windows

Think like Mr Miyagi – start by using the sponge or cloth in a circular motion. This will exercise your shoulders and biceps, giving you a nice burn after a few windows. For rinsing, target your triceps with a vertical up/down movement. All in all, expect to sweat off 125 calories in half an hour.

Mowing the lawn

Mowing the lawn

Summer’s here and the grass is looking long! You know the drill – push the lawn mower in straight lines up and down the lawn. It makes for a great cardio exercise that burns off 185 calories every 30 minutes.



Let’s carry on with the gardening! You know how to dig a hole, right? This work will work your upper body, lower back and thighs – leading to a 315 calorie burn in half an hour.

Painting the wall


Express your inner ‘Handy Andy’ and get the painting done… Fully extend your arm with the brush and return for one rep. 30 minutes of this will burn a whopping 210 calories, getting to work on your upper arms and pecs!

Carpet fitting

Removing and installing carpets

While we’re at it, let’s work every SINGLE muscle group by removing the old carpet and installing the new. Pulling the carpet towards you and walking backwards to remove it, and then kneeling down and placing the new one in will burn 180 calories in half an hour!

Scrubbing the floors

Scrubbing floors

And finally, I know nobody likes to scrub the floors but did you know you can wave goodbye to 200 calories after just 30 minutes? Tweak it into a bit of a push up by fully extending your body while pushing the brush away from you – really feel the burn on the upper arm, core and abs.

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