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Joel Corry

Vital Statistics Current
Competition Weight 80kg
Body Fat <10%

The last time we chatted to Joel Corry (towards the end of 2013), he was in the midst of juggling his illustrious DJ career with his passion for fitness all the while dreaming of stepping onto the Miami Pro stage and walking off with a title.

18 months later and Joel has not one but TWO titles under his belt along with a very respectful third place from his WBFF debut in London on May 31st 2015!

Not bad for a guy who just “wanted to look [his] best…”.

Joel Corry on Black

Now that he has a taste of competing and winning, Joel's focus has shifted from gyming for the sake of it, to gyming with the ambition of achieving fitness glory all the while inspiring others to do the same.

Joel's meteoric rise to the top of the fitness food chain may seem to have come out of nowhere, but, truth be told, his dedication to training is incredible with a lot of long hours, days and months working out, dieting and honing his physique into a fine tuned machine to get there.

As for his DJing, he's still chasing that dream too and has been touring non-stop, making his devotion to the fitness cause even more impressive!

From North London boy made famous by Geordie Shore to a fierce fitness competitor, Joel Corry has no intention of slowing down now.

So we decided to have a wee bit of a catch up to find out what he plans to accomplish next, his must have gym tracks and how Muscle Food helped propel his fitness into a whole other stratosphere…

Meal Plan

Joel Corry previous meal plan

Training Plan

Joel Corry previous meal plan

Joel Corry on Black

Hi Joel, thank you for taking the time to chat to us (again!), could you give us a brief overview of what you've been up to since we last talked in 2013?

Hey, no worries at all, it's a great time to catch up as so much has happened since we last spoke! As usual, I have been touring non-stop with my DJing, but more significantly the fitness side of my life has reached a new level.

At the back end of 2014 I made plans to begin preparations for my first ever fitness competitions! I entered the Miami Pro World Championships taking place on April 19th 2015 in St. Albans. I also entered Pure Elite in Kent on April 25th and WBFF in London on May 31st!

I managed to win the Overall Fitness Model title at both Miami Pro and Pure Elite, and then went on to place top 3 on my WBFF debut!

Last time we chatted, you were determined to pursue more fitness modelling AND juggle your DJ career as they were both your biggest passions - how has your approach to both changed over the past 18 months?

It was difficult to manage my DJing and fitness competitions together as they are very contrasting lifestyles, but I made it work! Travelling around the UK, working late nights and constantly in nightclub surroundings were obstacles I faced.

When prepping for a fitness competition you have to do everything you can to stick to the training and diet schedule and also make sure you get enough rest… It really is a 24/7 commitment!

Joel Corry Wins Twice

The key was to always plan ahead, for example if I was on the road DJing for 3 days I would prep up to 15 meals to keep me covered and find local gyms to train at in whichever city I was playing in! Everybody who steps on stage would have faced obstacles along the way; I guess it comes down to how much you really want it.

How has your training developed during this time too?

I'm always learning in the gym but one area I knew I had to focus and improve on was my legs. I began training them up to three times a week, for up to three hours a time! They were brutal sessions but the hard work paid off. If you look at some of my stage shots it is clear my legs dominate, I had transformed my weakest point into one of my strongest!

What's been the biggest fitness lesson you've learnt?

Form rules! I never ask anyone how much weight they bench or squat as it is kind of irrelevant. I am more impressed by good technique during sets and accurate knowledge of muscles being worked in the exercise.

Research is vital!

Top 5 songs you MUST have on your gym playlist…

  • Joel Corry - Back Again
  • Will Sparks - Ah Yeah!
  • Joel Fletcher - Swing
  • Timmy Trumpet - Freaks
  • Matt Watkins - Africa

What do you normally eat to maintain your muscle mass?

Protein is an essential part of my diet for building and maintaining muscle mass. It is important have a variation of protein sources in your meal plan. From my whey protein at breakfast and post workout shake, to my chicken, beef and fish in my main meals and my Greek yoghurt before bed… I am consuming protein around the clock!

Joel with Muscle Food Delivery Food Box

How has Muscle Food helped elevate your training to the next level?

Muscle Food has made dieting so much better! The convenience of all my food that I require being delivered to my front door is brilliant. You guys provide a huge range fitness foods that supply my entire diet plan. Most importantly, the quality of the products are unbeatable. You simply can't buy this level of quality from the supermarket!

Does your weight fluctuate much?

Not really, I like to stay lean all year round! I know many people like to pile on the pounds during off season, but that just would not work for me and my brand.

You've been training for a very long time, what motivates you to keep going?

I guess it's sort of an addiction! My goal was always to just look my best, but now I have started competing I am motivated to win more shows and take home more trophies.

What's your rest day philosophy?

I usually take one rest day a week! Towards the end of the week I tend to find myself dragging a bit in the gym. A full day rest and a good re-feed is vital to keep you training at your best.

Joel in The Gym

You're clearly in amazing shape, what's your favourite body part?

I love training shoulders and chest! Nothing beats burning them delts and hitting a big upper chest pump!

And your least?

I honestly don't have one! I really enjoy all my training sessions, if I ever get fed up with a particular session then I will change up the exercises to make it fun again.

Who is your biggest workout inspiration?

My biggest inspirations are The Rock and of course Arnold! Both these guys have such a powerful presence about them and have both been very successful in multiple fields. I'm very career focussed and have a huge respect for anyone that can turn their passion into their living.

How far do you want to chase the fitness dream?

I'm just taking each step as it comes. I don't think there really is an end 'dream'. Once one goal is accomplished, then a new goal is created… Always stay hungry!

Top tips you'd give someone wanting to follow in your footsteps…

Joel with winning trophies

My first tip is… Research, research, RESEARCH! There is a huge pool of information available on the Internet and it is easy to access. It is so important to gain the basic knowledge of training and diet before embarking on training and diet plan. The more knowledge people have, the fewer mistakes they will make and the quicker they will achieve their goals.

My second tip is never give up! Building a physique is a slow process, it won't happen overnight! So don't be disheartened if results don't come quick, keep working and you will get there in the end.

Which of your fitness achievements has given you the most satisfaction?

Winning my first competition, the Miami Pro! The feeling when I placed first in my category was unreal, and then to go on and be crowned the Overall Fitness Model Champion is a moment I will never forget. It was even more special because my family and friends were watching in the crowd.

What's your secret of success?

My secret to success comes down to my hunger and drive for more!

I am never satisfied - when I achieve a goal I am already thinking about my next challenge.

What's next for you?

I'm enjoying balancing both my DJing and fitness careers and look forward to achieving more success in both fields. I am planning to compete at the WBFF again next spring and hopefully get my WBFF Pro Card. At some point I will move out to the States, my heart is set on America.

Joel Corry Montage