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2. Kettlebells Improve Your Confidence

The saying goes ‘skinny girls look good in clothes; fit girls look good naked.’ Let’s be real, the better you feel about your body, the more confident you feel, which brings me back to those squat Instagrams.

Celebrities the world over have turned to kettlebells, to strip fat and tone up fast. A common misconception is that they bulk you up – no one’s ever referred to Jennifer Aniston or Jessica Biel as bulky! Kettlebells give you curves – and they’re always sexy!

3. Kettlebells Improve all round Flexibility for The Bedroom

Warm ups and post-training stretching are all about flexibility (as well as reducing muscle-ache!) A good trainer will monitor and push your flexibility safely and have you in tip-top condition to tackle the bedroom gymnastics.

You don’t need to have internally digested the entire Kama Sutra to know that mixing it up a bit can be fun!

Try doing this Kettlebell workout for improved mobility, flexibility and stamina!

Kettlebell Windmills x 5 each side

These are a great exercise for opening up the glenohumeral joint, lumbar spine and great for mobilising the hips.

With weekly Kettlebell Windmills, you'll soon be doing moves in the bedroom that you couldn't have possibly dreamed of before, as your core will be stronger and your shoulders will be stronger. So, when doing missionary, you'll be able to stay the course for longer!


2 handed swings x 20

These are a great all round exercise, which will help you increase your stamina and skyrocket your fitness.

Turkish Getups x 5 each side

This is a great complex exercise that trains the whole kinetic chain. Again, this improves stability in the glenohumeral joint, opens up the hips and strengthens the core all in one move.

As a strength coach this is a sure fast way to use this exercise not only as a whole body strengthener but to assess the ankle, knee, hip and shoulder joint all from one move.

So, start off light and keep good form. Keep the Kettlebell locked out overhead and take your time.

Do 4-5 rounds of these exercises back to back, and before you know it you'll be a gladiator in the bedroom!.

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