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Should Junk Food Companies Sponsor The Olympic Games?

  • McDonald’s has sponsored the Olympics since 1976
  • The Golden Arches company and Coca Cola have spent in excess of £100 million to sponsor the games through until 2020
  • Do you think Junk Food companies should sponsor the Olympics? Answers in our poll!

With Olympic excitement at an all-time high, we’re starting to see the McDonald’s and Coca Cola sponsorships advertised heavily – which has led to one key question.

Olympics McDonalds Sponsorship

Should the Olympics allow junk food/drink sponsors?

While it may be obvious to say they shouldn’t be allowed, there’s a lot of pros and cons. Let’s work through them.

The Pros

While it may seem like a paradox for sugary/fatty brands like these to sponsor the Olympics, it can send a positive message about living a healthy lifestyle.

Diet Coke

These companies’ efforts to heavily promote their healthier options and pushing the importance of sports via the Olympic brand is viewed as “reflective of Olympic brand values.”

Plus, as you saw in the above amount, these sponsorships bring in some serious coin – over £100 million to be specific.

This helps keep the games going, which have been vital in inspiring future generations into health & fitness.

As McDonald’s say: “Sponsorship is successful to the staging of the Olympics.” So, all good right? Well, not so much.

The Cons

Fast Food Mcdonalds Coca Cola

There’s no getting away from it – food and drink companies like these fuel obesities. And it will be further under scrutiny at Brazil.

Studies show the majority of the country’s 209.6 million people are overweight, including 30% of children. And having these so readily available and heavily marketed in the nation will cause concern.

Plus, alongside this “spin” of healthier products leading to a healthier lifestyle, McDonald’s will still advertise its burgers at the same time, and Coca Cola will continue to promote the full-sugar drink.

But don’t get it twisted – this is not JUST a fault of the Olympics, with Heineken and Carlsberg continuing to support events too.

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