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“Sugar is POISON”

Nutrition consultant Jennifer Bulcock explains the truth out about the simple sweet stuff, which seems to cause so much controversy.

“Sugar: a simple carbohydrate which is quickly digested and causes a spike in blood glucose when consumed on its own.”

No macronutrient is evil, and sugar certainly doesn’t need to be feared.

Anything can be dangerous, when consumed in excess – in fact if you drink too much water - you’ll die!

But sugar being demonised is an attention grabber. Celebs and health guru’s jump on the bandwagon promoting their ‘sugar free’ recipes and sugar detox plans.

PS – if a recipe has honey, fruits, or some other kind of syrup as an ingredient – it is not sugar free!

A true ‘sugar free’ brownie will likely taste pretty pants, and let’s be honest, that’s not the point of a brownie!

We do need to pay attention to sugar consumption though. Not because it’s going to suddenly give you diabetes or instantly pile on body fat. But quite simply, it is easy to eat too much sugar, mainly because of:

  1. The taste
  2. Our evolutionary desire to seek out foods naturally high in sugars
  3. Mass-production, making high sugar foods easily accessible

But sugar isn't a “poison”.

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