10 Retro Sweets That We Need Right NOW

Be honest, everybody has a slight sweet tooth. We all had our favourite sweets as kids and now we see them all disappear or change into something we don’t even recognise…

Well this is the part where we put our foot down and say “enough is enough!” We’ve been reminiscing with our chocolatier and sweetie makers (not an official job title, but sounds more fun) to list our 10 absolute favourites that we want to work on bringing back, except with AWESOME nutritionals.

1. Wham Bar

A popular sour “face clencher” of a sweet from the early 1980s (usually costing ten pence…what a time to be alive), the Wham bar came in a whole load of flavours – Raspberry, Strawberry, Cola, Brew (kind of tasted like Irn Bru), Extreme Super Sour, Sour Apple and Sour Cherry. Did you know they also added some insanely sour Sherbet Dips to the range in 2009, which led to plenty more screwed up faces across the nation!

wham bar

image credit - Sarah Joy

2. Cadbury’s Dream

Remember when the Milky Bar kid had some competition? It was the most silky and smooth chocolate that money could buy. Walking that fine white chocolate line between too bitter or too sweet, the Dream was amazing.

cadbury dream white chocolate bar

3. Dip Dab

How did you know who the cool kids were on the playground? Simple – check if they are carrying one of these bad boys around! With a history spanning back to the 19th century, sherbet has been the salivatingly sour choice of young’uns across the country. Just don’t ask for a “Sherbet Dab” in London, as you won’t get a delicious dib dab… That’s cockney rhyming slang for a taxi cab!

Dip Dab

4. Rainbow Drops

Ever remember grabbing a handful of these little beauties? The delicious medley of colourful rice confectionery has gained cult status amongst the hipsters, but we are the only ones to truly appreciate their beauty. Hopefully our sweet saviours will get to work on these!

Rainbow Drops

5. Bubbaloo

Ah, the world’s first bubblegum with a liquid centre… Anybody remember these taste sensations? Fronted by brand icon Bubba the Cat, you knew you were in for a juicy affair with every beautiful bitesize piece.


6. Flying saucers

The first Flying Saucers were produced in the 1960s, at the height of the space craze.  Four decades later and they were called the most popular sweet of all time in 2004… And you can see why! These colourful discs of sherbet filled awesomeness make for a deliciously moreish delight.

Flying Saucers

7. Wonka Nerds

For the love of nerds – these bring back memories! I know you can still buy boxes, but at the current sugarrific content, we’d love our magic makers to get to work on making a healthy version of these… Straight from the 1980s to your mouth.

Wonka Nerds

image credit - Christoph Leuhr

8. Banjo

Oh my days! The poor old Banjo lost in a chocolate war to the dastardly Twix bar in the 80s, but we really need this back. Much like the aforementioned, the Banjo was a two-finger chocolate bar, but it came in two different flavours – Roast Nut (in a blue and yellow wrapper) and Coconut (pink wrapper). There’s even a petition to bring this bar back!

Banjo Chocolate Bar

9. Candy necklace

Do double duty with your sweeties by fashioning some fly edible jewellery… Chances are you traded your toys for some of these as a child, AND you probably used them as ideal catapult ammunition to snipe each other from across the classroom.

Candy Necklace

10. Fruit Salad

Oh YES… You know we saved the biggest nostalgia trip for last! Kick back with an episode of Byker Grove and a pack of these Raspberry & Pineapple flavoured chews. These sweet treats were the perfect post-school beauties!

Fruit Salad Sweets

And that’s our top picks! Do you agree? Are there any other retro sweets we’ve missed? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

Of course, while we’re working hard to bring these back, we already have some retro sweets for you… Remember the old pick ‘n’ mix you bought as a kid? Well they’re back… Check out the high protein Rhubarb & Custards, Pear Drops and Strawberry Sweeties!


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