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Callum Norton

Vital Statistics Current
Age 24
Height 6ft
Weight 200lbs

Callum Norton first began hitting the weights eight years ago after joining a local boxing gym and realising he was more interested in gaining an outstanding aesthetic physique rather than the body of a boxer.

Plus, the thought of getting hit in the face didn’t really appeal to the then 16-year-old…

So, he trained for a number of years honing and fine tuning his traps, biceps, abs, quads – you get the picture - but after a while he started to get the itch for something more.

He’d heard about competing and set his sights on stepping onto the stage just so he could simply say that he had done it.  Once there, however, he realised the industry to be so much more than he originally thought and he soon developed a hunger for the competition.

He wanted to achieve something out of all those hours and hard work he’d dedicated to the gym, and in 2015 he was crowned the European Junior Fitness Model Champion for Miami Pro!

High off his win, Callum decided to go one step further and try his hand at the WBFF London Fitness Model Category but placed badly forcing him to revaluate his goals once more.

Determined not to permit the experience deflate his ambition, Callum uses this “failure” (as he calls it) as motivation to really succeed.  An ambition that is paying off in spades as his profile continues to grow. 

But, at just 24 and having already accomplished so much in the industry, we wanted to know just what’s next for this Men’s Physique Competitor? 

Callum Norton

Meal Plan

An average set diet for me is as follows, although this is not my current plan as it's too complex being on a carb cycle!

Training Plan

Example 6 day split.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday
chest and triceps back and biceps quads and hams
Thursday Friday Saturday or Sunday
abs and cardio OR optional rest shoulders and calves arms and cardio - usually circuit training

*Sunday is an rest day.

Callum Norton

Hi Callum, thank you for taking the time to chat with us - let's dive straight in - could you tell us a bit more about your sporting history?…

I have always been into sports and very active.  I played Sunday league football and was a successful striker for my team.  I had a passion for motorcycles and used to ride both bicycles and motorbikes off road which gave me good physical conditioning from an early age.

Why did you decide to take up bodybuilding and competing?

I competed simply for a goal and some fun at first, but then found it was a much bigger world than I expected.  Instantly, through failure, I got the hunger and bug to want to achieve something out of all the hard work and hours I had spent in the gym.

Callum in The Gym

What do you enjoy most and least about fitness?

What I enjoy the most about fitness is the socialising part of training.  For me, having a stressful working day or being sad or down about something can almost instantly be changed by going to the gym and the positive people I am surrounded by.

What I dislike would be an overcrowded gym which unfortunately, at the hour train every night, is like rush hour!

What motivates you to keep going and push harder?

In my mind I am very well trained and hungry for success, it motivates me that I have come from nothing on my own.  I want to give people hope and confidence in themselves and prove that getting a healthy body and mind is attainable with small simple steps over time.

Favourite body part to train and why?

My favourite body part to train is, and always has been back.  The back is built up with so many different sections and parts that every workout can always be made so different.  I see the back as one of the most important features and points of strength both aesthetically and physically.

And the one you're not that keen on?

I am not keen on training abs, which is strange because in my early days of training I think I trained abs almost every session for 20mins or more.  I just find it unsatisfying; however, do love seeing slabs abs in the summer so we have to get it done!

What has been your proudest moment to date?

My proudest moment was when a true inspiration, and now friend, of mine contacted me for a trial with Aesthetix Era in which I proved myself and gained sponsorship!

Callum in The Gym

What advice would you give to someone who'd like to follow in your footsteps?

Always do your own thing and count on nobody but yourself to make your achievements in life.  The amount of set and knock backs will outweigh your successes for a long time, but if you stay consistent to yourself, you will earn every ounce of success independently.

You've said in the past you "placed badly in the WBFF London Fitness Model Category" how did this result impact your training and competition outlook?

Placing badly in competitions in the past has, without a doubt disappointed me.  But, without sounding arrogant here, I have made it my goal to make more of myself from the outcome.  Competing is just fun, and the journey and things you learn about yourself are more important than a trophy on the mantelpiece.

Are you training for anything in particular at the moment?

At the moment I am training for expos and tours with my sponsors 1up nutrition and Aesthetix Era. I will be at FIBO in Germany and BODYPOWER expo in the UK later this year reaching out and connecting to as many athletes and aspiring people as possible.

How do you feel about cardio?

Callum in The Gym

Cardio can be made fun, for example, I take part in football, MMA and boxing and I enjoy these sports however I don’t enjoy cardio in the gym.

I find myself counting down every second. Some people can get away with doing zero cardio and staying lean but I’m not one of those few fortunate people so I do a couple sessions around my weights training every week.

Getting to your nutrition now - how would you describe your diet?

Although it’s just normal lifestyle to me I am aware that my diet is extremely strict and takes a lot of discipline, I generally track my macros closely. All year around I eat 6 meals a day and I am always hungry!

Do you bulk and cut, or do you stay lean all year round?

I have done several successful bulks and cuts and feel comfortable with my size now so I stay fairly lean under 10% all year. I will at times take some time to run higher calories and maintain muscle mass and allow myself some balance; this is usually around Christmas time!

I do not use the term "off season" as I have learned that covering up a poor diet as "off season" can literally ruin your hard work and it’s not worth it!

If we opened your fridge right now - what would we see?

At the moment I am on a strict carb cycle nutrition plan so if you opened my fridge you would generally find Muscle Food Steaks and Chicken along with egg whites, unsweetened almond milk and lots of asparagus and super greens.

clean eating

Must have supps?

My must have essential basic daily sups in top 5 order would be:

  • Pure vitamin c
  • 1up peanut butter blast iso protein
  • ZMA
  • 1up PM burners
  • 1up CLA fatty acids

Who are your bodybuilding heroes and how did they inspire you?

My bodybuilding hero is Greg Plitt.  This guy had a massive impact on my life and millions of others too. I used to watch his training videos and study for my own workouts, a true gentleman and motivation to everyone.  

Rest in Peace Greg.

How do you like to chill out when not beasting yourself in the gym?

I have a very busy life around the training and gym but when I get chance I love cosy nights in with food and films! That’s my way of fully resting away from everything.

Callum wearing MF Tshirt

Top 5 tracks on your gym playlist…

  1. Temper t - shelly
  2. Prez t - large way
  3. 50 cent - many men
  4. Dusky-careless
  5. Dusky- no body

What's next for you?

I am working on social media exposure and working closely with my sponsors. Of course my foundation of progress will be to bring the best physique I can every year. I will be boosting my YouTube channel with new footage and making the very most of opportunities to reach out and help others achieve their goals.