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Increase Strength

When you think of strength, you’d be forgiven for thinking about weight-lifters. But increasing strength is essential for all sports.

If you’re a long distance runner you need to have the strength in your legs to push up those hills, likewise if you’re play prop on a rugby team you need to have all over body strength for the scrum.

increase strength

Specialised diet and training is required for a strength building. This includes getting the right amount of protein and carbohydrates into your body at the right time, and follwoing a specially designed training plan.

A well-balanced and strict diet plan is necessary in promoting strength and power gains. It’s essential you consume sufficient calories and nutrients on a daily basis to ensure muscle growth and recovery are optimised for the trained muscles.

Protein is needed to build and recover muscle. Without it, you could see muscle wastage and feel lethargic in your workouts. Also, if you get injured and you don’t consume the correct amount of protein daily, you may find it takes a lot longer for the injury to repair. Lean meats such as turkey, chicken, veal and some beef are a fantastic source of complete protein and you should aim to get as much of your required protein through food. To make up the deficit, protein supplements are an excellent, convenient solution.

According to the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, athletes who want to build muscle and get stronger should be consuming between 1.2 and 1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight per day.

Carbohydrates are your body’s fuel source. Without them, you will not perform or train up to standard as you’ll be using your muscle for energy rather than the body’s glycogen stores.

Slow releasing carbohydrates such as maltodextrin are much better than simple sugars for a longer lasting energy fix.

Omega 3 is particularly useful when strength training as it is packed full of essential fatty acids for healthy joints and it helps prevent muscle wastage.


This information is aimed to provide general guidance and should be adapted to meet your individual requirements. Consult a nutritionist or Doctor when planning your diet.

Stressing the body through resistance training is the first element of strength training, best achieved through weight lifting. As your body adapts to the stress it is vital to progressively increase the amount of weight in your lifts. Known as loading, this pushes your body to cope with greater resistance and increase strength.

Introducing greater speed into lifts, using maximum power to accelerate from stationary to a fast movement, enables greater strength to be developed.


This information is aimed to provide general guidance and should be adapted to meet your individual requirements. Always consult a qualified personal trainer when planning your training.

Build Muscle, Lose Fat – Strength Train
Strength training is possibly the most popular gym discipline in the world.

Many people associate strength with pumping iron and gaining vast muscle mass, but there’s much more to it than that. Essentially, strength training has the sole purpose of increasing your physical power.

What is strength training? Not very many people know this, but there are actually two different kinds of strength – Relative and Absolute strength.

This type of strength is important for functional movement. It has a positive power – to – weight ratio meaning the strength you exert is directly related to your body size. For people like rock climbers or gymnasts who don’t want to increase body weight, as it’d hinder their sport, this should be the strength of choice.

This is the strength exerted with a part of your body, or your whole body, regardless of muscle or body size. However, it’s generally believed that more body weight means bigger muscles which denotes more strength. Strongman or Olympic lifters will aim for absolute strength as it’s based on becoming as strong as possible in spite of body size. How do you build strength? Your strength won’t increase over night. It takes a lot of time and dedication to reach your strength goals. But there are plenty of ways you can increase your strength.

Body weight exercises
This type of training uses your own body weight as resistance. Exercises like pull-ups, dips, chin-ups and push-ups are all examples of this type of strength training.

Lifting weights
The most common form of strength training! Grab yourself a decent barbell and get to squatting, deadlifting, bench pressing, barbell rowing and overhead pressing. At Savage Strength, they recommend the Okie Power Bar. It’s been 1500lb tested and is popular at numerous states, national, world and international power lifting comps. The benefits of strength training... In the modern day where sedentary jobs and lifestyles keep us chained to the desk, strength training can have multiple physiological and mental benefits.

Your health
Recent research has shown the strength training can lower your blood pressure, the risk of cardiovascular disease and even reduces your risk of diabetes. It can also help reduce your daily stress levels and decreases the risk of osteoporosis by building bone mass.

Builds muscle and tone
By following a strength training programme your natural power, endurance and size will increase as well as your ability to do everyday tasks at greater ease. The stronger you are, the more muscles you will have! The outcome of this constant conditioning will be defined and firm muscles.

Burns fat
Strength training boosts your metabolism meaning your body will keep on burning fat even when you’re not training meaning your overall body fat composition will decrease.

Positive mind
Strength training has been proven to help you sleep better and helps you manage stress much more effectively. So, if you’re a veteran of the strength training world, or just starting out we’ve got an amazing offer for you... Just visit and receive a fantastic 10% OFF any of their products!

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