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Is your new year diet a fad?

By Matt Cooper of Apex Fitness Systems.

Is Your New Year Diet a Fad?

The new year diet.

Fewer things are more cliche in the world of health and fitness than the new year diet. As the dust from the new years eve fireworks begins to settle, you finish your final glass of Prosecco and enthusiastically claim that this year will be YOUR year.

The year you finally gain control of your weight.

The year you trade the cheeseburgers for salads and the pizza for protein shakes.

And more importantly, the final year you'll ever have to diet.

THIS one is different, THIS one will be for good… And then, like clockwork, it begins.

You see, the magnitude of predictability that starting a diet in the new year carries with it is matched only by the fitness industries unwavering ability to attempt to sell you one.

“Inbox me hun, I'm selling this brand new detox tea that promises quick weight loss!”

“Mate, contact me for my brand new 21 day fat shredding plan. Burn fat in your sleep and lose astone in a week, guaranteed!”

“Introducing the Gluten-free, low carb, paleo diet that only allows you eat foods that are green and begin with the letter K. You'll hate your life and your friends will disown you, but you can eat all the Kale you want!”

You get the picture.

So, why do we fall for them every year?

Matt Cooper

Matt Cooper is an MNU certified nutritionist and lead nutrition coach for Apex Fitness Systems in Bristol. He has worked with hundreds of clients, both online and in person, ranging from stay at home mums to professional athletes.

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